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Lazy Flavors - Taste & Explore


tourist traps and EXPLORE all the flavors of Portugal with the insight of local foodies.

Get to Know

the people that grow and make what you eat and drink.


all about Portuguese wines and how to pair them with food.


why the Portuguese enjoy spending so much time at the table.

Lazy Flavors

About Us

Lazy Flavors specializes in providing authentic, high-quality, entertaining and hands-on oenogastronomic experiences to travelers visiting Portugal.

Our catalog contains a wide-range of food and wine experiences that have been designed by foodies and wine lovers with their travelling counterparts in mind.

Our goal and mission is to deliver authentic and unforgettable experiences that create long-lasting memories from your visit to Portugal. We feel the best way to immerse yourself in Portuguese culture is through our food and wine and through lazy and laid-back afternoons in conversation around a table, which is something truly representative of the Portuguese soul.

At Lazy Flavors we are all in favor of customization in order to create the most memorable experiences for our visitors, therefore all the experiences proposed in our website should be seen as references and can be customized and personalized according to your tastes and preference.  If you like the general feel of our catalog of experiences, but would like something different, please don’t refrain from asking us to create a tailor-made program for you.





Food Tours

Food Tours

We believe that to experience Portugal to the fullest you have to immerse yourself in a mélange of sensations, aromas and guilty pleasures, and share them with local people with the same passion. For that reason we have selected for you a catalog of authentic and memorable food tours that showcase the diversity and richness of the food and wine culture in Portugal.

We invite you to take one of our food tours or ask us to customize a food tour for you, so you can learn about the flavors in Portuguese cuisine and some of the unusual flavors of our gastronomy.Our food tours present a great opportunity to explore Lisboa through its flavors with the insight of local foodies and the most up and coming chefs of the moment.

Cooking & Wine Classes


To know and understand in depth the gastronomy of a country you must learn how to cook it. In a series of hands-on classes we propose to teach you all about fish, meat, confectionery, our cheeses, sausages and also importantly, our wines. Or if you have any other interests, contact us and we will design a tailor-made masterclass just for you.

Day Trips


If you prefer to explore Portugal and its culinary culture by yourself, we didn’t forget about you. We have prepared a collection of guidebooks that compile our best suggestions in different areas of Portuguese gastronomy and wine, so you can taste and explore Portugal at your own pace.


Let's Talk

Mariana Cardoso


+351 918 263 437

Verónica Paixão

Operations Manager

+351 966 070 177